Test installation of OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter

I have installed precice-2.3.0 with openfoam. Now how can i test and make sure the openfoam works with precice?


You could run the quickstart tutorial.

This is the order i installed.

1)installed precice and dependencies.
2) Downloaded the openfoam tar ball and followed these steps
wget https://github.com/precice/openfoam-adapter/releases/download/v1.0.0/openfoam-adapter_v1.0.0_OpenFOAM7_experimental.tar.gz
tar -xf openfoam-adapter_v1.0.0_OpenFOAM7_experimental.tar.gz
./Allwmake -j
After running all make this is the Allwmake.log file. I am not sure if there is an issue with install?
cat Allwmake.log
Building the OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter…


Which OS do you use? Could you please upload the complete output of ./Allwmake ?

I am using Centos. My question is should i need openfoam installed before installed openfoam addapter? And also there is nothing in the logs except

cat Allwmake.log
Building the OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter…

This is the output of Allwmake.log.



Is there a wmake.log?

Seems like sth is wrong with your OpenFOAM installation. Normally, you should get sth like

Building the OpenFOAM adapter for preCICE...

Current OpenFOAM environment:

The adapter will be built into:
  ADAPTER_TARGET_DIR    = /home/uekermbn/OpenFOAM/uekermbn-v2012/platforms/linux64GccDPInt32Opt/lib

The following building options will be used:

Dependencies (preCICE) will be located using the following environment variables:
  ADAPTER_PRECICE_ROOT  = /home/uekermbn/Repos/precice
      preCICE dependencies: not specified (ok if preCICE is built as a shared library)
  ADAPTER_PKG_CONFIG_CFLAGS       = -I/usr/local/include
  ADAPTER_PKG_CONFIG_LIBS         = -L/usr/local/lib -lprecice
  ADAPTER_GLOBAL_CPLUS_INC_PATHS  = -I/home/uekerman/Software/yaml-cpp/yaml-cpp-yaml-cpp-0.7.0/include -I/home/uekermbn/Repos/precice/src 
  ADAPTER_GLOBAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATHS = -L/usr/lib/openfoam/openfoam2012/platforms/linux64GccDPInt32Opt/lib/sys-openmpi -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/openmpi/lib -L/home/uekermbn/OpenFOAM/uekermbn-v2012/platforms/linux64GccDPInt32Opt/lib -L/usr/lib/openfoam/openfoam2012/site/2012/platforms/linux64GccDPInt32Opt/lib -L/usr/lib/openfoam/openfoam2012/platforms/linux64GccDPInt32Opt/lib -L/usr/lib/openfoam/openfoam2012/platforms/linux64GccDPInt32Opt/lib/dummy -L/home/uekermbn/Repos/precice/build/last/ 
  ADAPTER_GLOBAL_LIBRARY_PATHS    = -L/home/uekerman/Software/yaml-cpp/yaml-cpp-yaml-cpp-0.7.0/build -L/home/uekermbn/Repos/precice/build/last 

Building with WMake (see the wmake.log log file)...

=== OK: Building completed successfully! ===

Can you run normal OpenFOAM simulations?

ok i dont have openfoam installed. So let me first install that and install openfoam-adapter and let you know if any issue.

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