Problems encountered while installing the Deali-Adapter

  • preCICE version
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Installation method ( building with CMake)

These are some of the instructions I used to install the deali-Adapter, and I added the last path to the end of HOME/.bashrc


In any case, please insert here short errors/output and some context using a code snippet (three ` in the beginning, three ` at the end):

When I ran the example perpendicular-flap /solid-dealii in the tutorials, he reported the following error.

--     . running with 16 threads
--     . adapter revision 005933d on branch master
--     . deal.II 10.0.0-pre (revision ab6cf4896a on branch master)

(0) 13:32:30 [xml::XMLParser]:152 in readXmlFile: ERROR: XML parser was unable to open configuration file "precice-config.xml"

Thank you!

How and from which directory do you start the deal.II solver? It mainly complains that it cannot find the preCICE configuration file so I assume you start the solver form a different directory than expected.

Thanks for your reply. I have replaced dealii with Calculix and installed successfully.

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