OpenFoam Allwmake not working on Fedora 37

wmake.log (46 Bytes)
ldd.log (134 Bytes)
Allwmake.log (1.1 KB)

Attached are my log files, I cannot get the OpenFOAM adapter to work properly. I have to run:

''export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/home/chadw/software/precice/lib64/pkgconfig/:${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}"

in the terminal just to get that far, otherwise I get

“pkg-config configuration file ‘libprecice.pc’ was not found in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
Check the preCICE documentation page ‘Linking to preCICE’ for more details, or proceed if you know what you are doing.”

Running the quickstart tutorial results in OpenFOAM running the fluid sim and solid-cpp perpetually
“—[precice] Setting up primary communication to coupling partner/s”

Sorry for the late reply.

Make sure to check in order:

  • the path /home/chadw/software/precice/lib64/pkgconfig should contain the file libprecice.pc.
  • running pkg-config --cflags libprecice should display some flags.

You probably have some stale communication files lying around. Try finding and removing the precice-run directory.