Latest release of OpenFOAM adapter (v1.2.3) is not compatible with preCICE 3

I would like to use the OpenFOAM Foundation with preCICE 3. But currently, the latest release of the OpenFOAM adapter (v1.2.3) is not compatible with preCICE 3. I guess this should also be corrected here Get the OpenFOAM adapter | preCICE - The Coupling Library

Should I wait for version 1.3.0?



I have successfully compiled OpenFOAM-adapter-develop on preCICE-v3 but without running any test case yet. What do you mean by “not compatible”?


Sorry for the confusion, we are in the middle of a (slow) transition phase, and we want to have all adapters updated for v3 by the end of this month, or earlier. You can already test the release candidate OpenFOAM-preCICE from the develop branch and let us know if you face any issues.

Note that this only supports the recent releases. Support for the releases will follow.

The current documentation states:

Install preCICE v3. In case you need preCICE v2, please install an older version of the adapter (v1.2.3 is the latest release to support preCICE v2).

v1.2.3 is not compatible with preCICE v3, and v1.3.0 will not be compatible with preCICE v2.

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