Building OpenFOAM adapter failed

Hello everyone,

I feel like I am almost late to the party just finding out about preCICE.

So, I am trying to install the OpenFoam adapter for preCICE and getting the error shown in the wmake file attached to this post.

OpenFOAM version: openfoam-v2206
preCICE version: 3.0.0
installation method: spack
linux distribution: Ubuntu22.04
Adapter: openefoam-adapter-v1.2.3-master

The primary issue seems to be related to a SolverInterface.hpp that is not found anywhere in my system.

Please help.

Allwmake.log (1.2 KB)
wmake.log (5.3 KB)

The OpenFOAM adapter seems not yet update, the adapter package you used is not compatible with the preCICE v3.0.0

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As @Gong_CHEN mentioned, there is not v3-compatible release of the adapter yet.

From my understanding, the migration is pretty much done So you could try using the develop version of the OpenFOAM adapter. Until the next release.

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The develop branch is already compatible, you could try that.
We are currently in a transition period. The rest is planned till end of March.

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Hello all, Thanks for your guidance.
Building completed successfully with the develop branch.

git clone GitHub - precice/openfoam-adapter: OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter
cd openfoam-adapter
git checkout develop

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