Installing preCICE on WSL ubuntu

I installed preCICE and OpenFoam adapter on WSL Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS. However when trying to run the quickstart tutorial, the in fluid-openfoam displayed the following error:

[precice] ERROR: The configuration contains an unknown tag . Expected tags are log, mesh, participant, profiling.

and with the commands cmake . && make in quickstart/solid-cpp, I’m getting:
fatal error: precice/SolverInterface.hpp: No such file or directory
3 | #include <precice/SolverInterface.hpp>

Please help

he version of the tutorial you are using are still for the version 2 of preCICE.
Try the develop branch instead.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I installed v2.5.0
With openFoam adapter 1.2.3
And FeniCSprecice 1.4.9
The combination of versions wasn’t easy to find

I’ll try the develop branch

If you are already running preCICE 2.5.0, then the tutorial version you were using is fine.
Your installation doesn’t seem to be detectable.