Installing preCICE error

I am trying to install preCICE with openfoam 2012. However, I am getting the following error
Building the OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter…
Allwmake: line 35: pkg-config: command not found

How this error can be resolved?
If possible, please post a link for the installion of preCICE and CalCulix.

Hi @iraza

It looks like you do not have the tool pkg-config installed on your machine. Can you install it and try again?

Hi Ishaan,
Thanks for your response. I installed pkg-config and tried to run the command “Allwmake” but encountered the following error.

How this can be removed?

@iraza this looks like a file permission issue to me. Can you create files in /home/iraza/OpenFOAM/iraza-v2012/applications/openfoam-adapter_v1.0.0_OpenFOAM1812-v2012?

By the way, you could probably upgrade to the latest adapter version (v1.2.1), it also works with OpenFOAM v2012. But the version is not related to this issue.

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I have installed preCICE and Calculix and trying to run turek-hron-fsi3 in two terminals. However, encountering errors attached in the pictures.

How these can be removed…

These are two issues.

For the first one (solid-dealii): have you built the solver before running it? Follow the instructions in the ../

For the second one (fluid-openfoam): have you installed groovyBC? Also for this one, see the instructions in the ../

Hi Makis,

There is a hint about nonlinear solver in the instructions but I am unable to find it. Where can I find?

In addition, how can install groovyBC? I read the instructions, however, I could not get it.