What dynamic mesh solver could better avoid mesh distortion when using displacementLaplacian solver?

Hi everyone,
Usually, I use displacementLaplacian solver to deal with mesh motion in FSI simulations with preCICE. However, it seems that computational termination is often encountered in fluid domain caused by mesh distortion (such as the following figure) when the structure has large deformation.

Are there any other mesh solvers in OpenFOAM that could avoid mesh distortion as much as possible?

Yes, you could try using the rbfMeshMotionSolver: Search results for 'rbfMeshMotionSolver' - preCICE Forum on Discourse

Hi @Makis ,
I searched the ‘rbfMeshMotionSolver’ in preCICE Forum on Discourse as you suggested. Unfortunately, I found that the ‘rbfMeshMotionSolver’ is not applicable for multiphase solver such as interFoam.
Anyway, thank you for your suggestion.