About use of RBFMeshMotionSolver

Hi Makis,

I open a new thread for asking some questions about use of RBFMeshMotionSolver. I have compiled the RBFMeshMotionSolver in solid4foam successfully. But my case can’t run after I changed the solver displacementLaplacian into RBFMeshMotionSolver. The setup files are here
dynamicMeshDict.txt (677 Bytes)
preciceDict.txt (986 Bytes)
Q1: Can it be used in interFoam?
Q2: Is it called directly without any other setup files if I compiled it successfully in solid4foam?

I don’t know whether rbfMeshMotionSolver is compatible with interFoam (apparently not), but I would not expect this to be related to the OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter.

I assume it does run for you with pimpleFoam, right?

Yes, you are right. It can run with pimpleFoam, but not with interfoam. Thanks for your reply.

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