OpenFOAM mesh motion problem: Compression of single cells

Dear friends,

we have a problem with mesh motion in OpenFOAM (for FSI applications with CalculiX), especially when the fluid mesh is to be compressed into a gap by displacing the solid domain.

Here, the displacementLaplacian displacement approach in OpenFOAM shows a strong compression of individual cells in the domain in a wave-like structure up to the crash. I use hex grids and planar simulations. I have encountered this problem frequently and I wonder if anyone has already found a solution for a better mesh motion in OpenFOAM for cases like this.

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Dear Ulrich,

try using the RBFMeshMotionSolver from the nextRelease branch of solids4Foam, which should work with the latest OpenFOAM adapter (v1.2.0, currently in master, to be tagged very soon):

Dear Makis, thanks a lot. I will try this. I tried meanwhile SBRStress solver which is directly available in OpenFOAM.The SBRStress solver gives also a pretty nice mesh with good orthogonality. But Iā€™m not yet at the end of my mesh desired compression. I will check out which solver then allows the highest grid compression.
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