OpenFOAM-Calculix RBF mapping error?The rbf mapping of several nodes at the interface is incorrect


I’m using openfoam’s overset mesh solver “overPimpleDyMFoam” to achieve fluid-structure coupling of horizontal plates in a flow field.

Simulation environment

  • OpenFOAM: v2206

  • CalculiX: 2.19

  • solver-interface dimensions=“2”

  • mapping:rbf-thin-plate-splines

My case is this: the head of the horizontal plate moves up and down actively, and the tail of the plate can swing freely in the flow field

The grid file looks like this:

At the initial time step, time=0, the coordinates of the fluid-structure interface point look correct, and precice found the correct node coordinates.

However, after running for a period of time, the displacement and force mapping of several nodes at the fluid-structure coupling interface are not correct.For example, on iteration of 50:

Several nodes at the interface flew away.

This is the fluid grid at the 50th time step:

Fluid and solid mesh:

Fluid and Solid interface point:

Any idea how to understand this problem?



I have attached the convergence information of my displacement and force, the convergence at the interface is good, it seems to be OK.

precice-Solid-convergence.log (31.4 KB)
precice-Solid-iterations.log (6.5 KB)

At the same time, I also inquired several related questions in the forum:

It looks like I should try mapping:rbf-compact-tps-c2?

Result of time step 50: (10.4 KB)

Hello everyone, this example was successfully run on another computer with the following configuration:

  • OpenFOAM: v2212
  • CalculiX: 2.20
  • solver-interface dimensions=“2”
  • mapping:rbf-thin-plate-splines

Just change the version, RBF function mapping is fine. That’s a strange question!

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