CalculiX single node stagnation problem

Hi everyone,

I’m currently simulating a FSI problem using OpenFOAM_7 + Calculix_2.16 and preCICE_v2.0.0.
The below gif. shows that there is a node on the back side which seems to be fixed and not moving as other nodes did.

My question is that whether this issue is caused by data mapping or its originated from CalculiX side?
Does anyone ever met this (or similar) problem before?

Here are the adhere precice-config.xml file:precice-config.xml (2.8 KB)

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance

Hi @djmeee
have you already seen this related post? It seems to be very similar to your problem description.

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Hi @djmeee,

I am facing a similar issue.
I have noticed a very strange behavior where only the node number 1 in Calculix mesh is getting stuck. It is registering zero displacement even when it is not a part of the set that is fixed.

When I make the node 1 part of the set that is fixed the simulation behaves as expected. Strange.


Thanks for noticing, David.

I checked the post and it didn’t explain very clear for how to solve this issue, I will keep following the post and also check that in my cases.



I have resolved this posted issue by switching from CalculiX v2.16 Multi-Thread version to CalculiX v2.15 normal version.

The fixed node is now moving properly!

Don’t know what exactly caused this issue but switching from v2.16 to v2.15 should be a solution to this problem.


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HI @djmeee , the earlier tagged post provides a solution in this part which basically is to remove the stagnant unused node manually from the CalculiX mesh file. This is probably not the ideal solution and it is good that you found another solution of downgrading form CalculiX 2.16 to 2.15. Does your case also work for v2.16 normal version? Perhaps then only the Multi-thread version is the problem.