Calculix Intel Pardiso Crash with Elastic Tube 3D Tutorial

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I have compiled Calculix with Intel Pardiso and am using preCICE 2.3. When running the elastic-tube-3d tutorial out of the box, I get the error below. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Any thoughts on what may be causing the issue?

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Setting up preCICE participant Calculix, using config file: config.yml
---[precice]  This is preCICE version 2.3.0
---[precice]  Revision info: v2.3.0
---[precice]  Configuration: Release (Debug and Trace log unavailable)
---[precice]  Configuring preCICE with configuration "../precice-config.xml"
---[precice]  I am participant "Calculix"
Set ID Found 
Set ID Found 
Setting node connectivity for nearest projection mapping: 
ERROR: Cannot apply forces to one or more interface nodes.
corrupted double-linked list
[LAPTOP-Kj65:01901] *** Process received signal ***
[LAPTOP-Kj65:01901] Signal: Aborted (6)
[LAPTOP-Kj65:01901] Signal code:  (-6)


I ran the tutorial successfully on my own laptop (with Linux Mint) so the problem shouldn’t be in the configuration of the tutorial.
What version of Calculix & the adapter are you running ? (Are you sure there isn’t a mismatch between Calculix version and adapter version ?)

Are you able to run other tutorials ? (e.g. partitioned beam)

It seems the error is thrown from the function “getXforcIndices” but I’m not skilled enough to dig further.

I never built with Pardiso though, maybe try building with SPOOLES instead ?
I don’t see how changing the solver could impact the adapter’s configuration process, but life is full of surprises.

Best of luck !

Hello @boris-martin,

Many thanks for the reply. My problem turned out to be the use of the FLAG i8 as well as the use of the Intel Compiler to build ccx_preCICE. Once I switched to gfortran everything went smoothly this morning. Thanks again for the reply.

Best wishes,

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Hi @JWilliams,

Glad you found it ! For reference in the future, I’m not sure I understood 100% your fix. Do you need to disable the -i8 flag, or to enable it ? or was it enough to switch compiler ?

Thanks for the feedback !

Hello @boris-martin,

I actually had to remove the -i8 flag as part of the fix along with the change in compiler. Apologies for not being clearer in my previous response.
Enjoy the weekend!

Best wishes,

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