OpenFOAM/CalculiX FSI YAML::BadFile Error

I am attempting to use preCICE to simulate two-way FSI of an aortic valve opening and closing. I am using OpenFOAM v2006 and CalculiX 2.16 with their respective preCICE adapters. I believe I have the adapters properly installed because I can successfully run the 3D Tube tutorial case.

I’ve successfully run the fluid and solid aspects of my problem separately. I can push fluid through a partially-opened aortic valve and solve for pressures and flows using OpenFOAM. I can put a constant load on the leaflets and watch them deform using CalculiX. However when I attempt to couple everything, I am met with a troubling error:

Setting up preCICE participant solid, using config file: config.yml
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'YAML::BadFile'
  what():  bad file

Obviously, something is wrong with the config.yml file, but I just can’t seem to find it.

Here are some relevant files for my setup:
precice-config.xml (2.6 KB)
config.yml (259 Bytes)
preciceDict.txt (703 Bytes)
fluid.log (4.8 KB)
solid.log (937 Bytes)
Allrun.txt (3.7 KB)

Any insight will be most appreciated!

I think the issue here was simply me getting away from the relative locations of config.yml and precice-config.xml.

@Mike_Tree: what do you mean? How did you solve it exactly?

I checked already for indentation, but it looked ok to me.

You’ll note in this config.yml file the line:

precice-config-file: ../precice-config.xml

This is because I placed the config.yml file within the solid sub-directory. It just made more sense to me to put it in there since config.yml is configuring the solid solver only. I think of it like preciceDict is to the fluid solver, and preciceDict resides within the fluid sub-directory structure.

If I move config.yml up one directory level so it resides in the same directory as precice-config.xml and then I change that line in config.yml to:

precice-config-file: ./precice-config.xml

everything runs fine.

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