Double free or corruption (out) message for CalculiX


So I was trying to run a 3dTube FSI tutorial for OpenFOAM, using preCICE library. I am using a distributed system for computation, and decomposed the case into 8 cores (each for solid and fluid). The communication configuration is as follows:

<m2n:sockets from="Fluid" to="Solid" network="ib0" exchange-directory=".." />

The solid solver errors out with following message after 1 outer loop (within 1 timestep):

double free or corruption (out)
[bc11309:209277] *** Process received signal ***
[bc11309:209277] Signal: Aborted (6)
[bc11309:209277] Signal code:  (-6)

To me, this double free or corruption error is quite confusing and seems to be associated with computation on distributed cluster. Am I missing something important while setting up the case on cluster?. I tried following the documentation closely.



Could you please give some insights on this problem? Since this is something that developers would have a better chance to provide some hints.

Thanks for your time!

@suyashverma9 are you using the latest version of the CalculiX adapter? There were several related bugfixes in the past few releases: Release Release v2.20.0 · precice/calculix-adapter · GitHub