The case of Perpendicular flap ( SU2 & CalculiX)

Hello, I’m running the case of Perpendicular flap ( SU2 & CalculiX) provided by FSI Tutorials, but getting a strange result.
The output information of CalculiX is that:

 average force= 1091965591733870657536.000000
 time avg. forc= 2427480724909849600.000000
 largest residual force= 833455489016924209152.000000 in node 9 and dof 1
 largest increment of disp= 1.348465e+05
 largest correction to disp= 1.044978e+04

 divergence; the increment size is decreased to 2.419443e-10
 the increment is reattempted

 *ERROR: increment size smaller than minimum
 best solution and residuals are in the frd file

And when I visualize the flow output, the picture is like that:

My running environment: SU2-6.0.0 with adapter, CalculiX-2.16 with adapter, preCICE-2.1.1, Ubuntu20.10

What should I do to adjust the simulation results to the one shown in the tutorial?
If you have any suggestions, please let me know as soon as possible

Thanks in advance!

Hi @AlexanderFu,

It is a known fact that the current setup of the perpendicular flap with SU2 and CalculiX is unstable and produces non-physical results. Several changes and tuning has been done to stabilize this case and the new case setup can be found here. Please read the documentation before running the case on the develop branch because the tutorials have been restructured.
We plan to release the tutorials very soon and then the stable case will be part of the master branch.

Hi @AlexanderFu

The latest release of the tutorials has the perpendicular flap case with SU2 and CalculiX which runs without problems and is stable. Please try to run the latest state for better results.

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