State/documentation of the fluent-adapter/examples/Cavity2D

When I downloaded fluent_21_2_0 from the fluent-adapter repository on GitHub, I noticed that there is an “example” folder containing a case called “cavity2D” that is coupled with Fluent using written in Python. I would like to know how to test this example. I am a bit confused because there is no “” file or any instructions provided.

This seems to be the Cavity2D directory at the current state of the fluent_21_2_0 branch:

I see some general documentation in the adapter README, but indeed no documentation about the specific file.

This is the respective PR: Reviving adapter to a working state with Fluent version 21.2.0 by IshaanDesai · Pull Request #26 · precice/fluent-adapter · GitHub I will add a comment there. In the meantime, maybe @IshaanDesai can help.

Okay, Makis,thank you very much for your assistance。

Let me directly reply in the pull request itself.

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"I tried running the examples/Cavity2D under fluent-adapter-fluent_21_2_0, but during the execution, it seems that CSMdummy and Fluent did not successfully couple.

“The terminal on the left shows the contents of, while the information displayed on the Fluent console is on the right.”