Requesting better error message for ASSERTION FAILED

On suggestion of @uekerman I am opening an issue.

I was trying to run the a 2-way FSI simulation (OpenFOAM +CalculiX, the OF adapter is a bit modified for interFoam).
As for preCICE I use v2,1 and CalculiX adapter with CCXv2.16.
This the precice config that I am using.
precice-config.xml (3.2 KB)

I get the following in CalculiX side:

 Setting up preCICE participant Calculix, using config file: config.yml
---[precice]  This is preCICE version 2.1.0
---[precice]  Revision info: v2.1.0-2-g42abc38c-dirty
---[precice]  Configuring preCICE with configuration "./precice-config.xml"
---[precice]  I am participant "Calculix"
Set ID Found 
Read data 'Forces0' found with ID # '2'.
Write data 'Displacements0' found with ID # '3'.
---[precice]  Setting up master communication to coupling partner/s
---[precice]  Masters are connected
---[precice]  Setting up preliminary slaves communication to coupling partner/s
---[precice]  Prepare partition for mesh Solid
---[precice]  Gather mesh Solid
---[precice]  Send global mesh Solid
---[precice]  Setting up slaves communication to coupling partner/s
---[precice]  Slaves are connected
  Location:          void precice::acceleration::Acceleration::checkDataIDs(const DataMap&) const
  File:              /home/prasad/Downloads/precice/src/acceleration/Acceleration.cpp:12
  Rank:              0
  Failed expression: valid
  Argument 0: Data with ID 2 unknown.

P.S: Not really sure what to name the topic, so please feel free to improve it or make suggestions.

Thank you, @Alphaoo1, but I assume you wanted to open an issue on GitHub:

You can consider Gitter an alternative for Discourse for “support requests”, while GitHub is for bug reports (and “feature requests”), as these things are directly related to the code itself.

@MakisH Ah ok. I will open the feature request on github.
Sorry for the mix up. :sweat_smile:

This topic can be closed then. :grin: