Perpendicular Flap (OpenFOAM + Calculix) Floating Point Exception

I’m attempting to run the perpendicular flap tutorial using OpenFOAM (v2006) as the fluid solver and Calculix (2.16) as the solid solver. I am using the master branch of the tutorials repo and compiled the OpenFOAM and Calcuix adapters from their respective master branches as well. I’ve made no changes to the tutorial scripts or configurations. I simple loaded the proper environment variables (via modules files) for the fluid and solid solvers in their respective terminals and then attempted to execute:


It appears that the floating point exception is occurring somewhere within the code that is attempting to move the fluid mesh? I’ve attached the terminal output from the solid and fluid executions in hopes that they can provide the insight needed.

fluid.log (13.9 KB)
solid.log (9.4 KB)

Any help is most appreciated!

Are you sure you used the latest master of the OpenFOAM adapter? The latest state should report a version number and have debug output disabled by default.

We recently started making proper releases, just get the latest one from GitHub:

I don’t know what exactly triggered this error, but I suspect our recent updates to support cellDisplacements next to pointDisplacements, in order to not need separate meshes for displacements and forces. This tutorial requires this feature, but your adapter version does not know of this yet.

I thought I was sure that I was using the latest from the master branch of the OpenFOAM adapter repo, but apparently I wasn’t. I re-compiled and it now works.

Thanks for the easy fix!

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