Failing RBF Data Mapping for Cylinder Flap tutorial

I recently build preCICE (using Spack), the OF (v1912) adapter, CalculiX-adapter on a computer cluster. I was trying to run the cylinder flap tutorial problem to get my hands dirty. However, there seems to be an issue with the convergence. Has anyone seen this before and/or is there a quick fix to this that I am missing?

Please find attached the log files output from the tutorial which show the errors. Let me know if you need anything else.

Fluid.log (44.8 KB) precice-Calculix-convergence.log (130 Bytes) Solid.log (6.6 KB)


That’s a known issue we are currently fixing. Could you please try the develop version of the OpenFOAM adapter, the CalculiX adapter, and the tutorials?
We actually removed the FSI3 (cylinder flap) for OpenFOAM-CalculiX there for the moment. You could try OpenFOAM-dealii or the perpendicular flap.
We wanted to release this next week.

Hi Benjamin, thanks for your prompt response.

I tried the develop branch - OF adapter, CalculiX adapter and perpendicular flap tutorial. These work perfectly and the simulation seems to be running without any hiccups.

Thanks again!


The case from the develop branch runs perfectly well in serial. However, when I run in parallel, I get a PETSC error (Segmentation Violation, probably memory access out of range). Has this been observed before as well ?

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Hi @ArpanS
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