Trouble with running FSI with compressibleInterFoam (failed lookup of pointDisplacement (objectRegistry region0))

Hello, everyone

I modified the perpendicular-flap calculation example calculated with openfoam and caculix in the tutorial, and changed the incoming flow in openfoam into two flows with one bubble added, hoping that bubble collapse would cause the deformation of the flexible board.

However, there will be a bug in the openfoam when coupling.

I tried to run openfoam without coupling first and it worked fine, but when I started adding the coupling, something went wrong.

The first picture shows the time of openfoam running to open the coupling, which cannot be calculated. This error will occur.

The second picture shows the error that will occur when the openfoam is coupled after a period of operation alone.

I think it’s probably because of the dynamic grid, he can’t seem to find the pointDisplacement file.

But the same grid works fine in the original vertical-FLAP example.

Please help me to see where the problem, how to correct? Thank you very much!
I gave an example of openfoam, please help me find the error (here I used a modified Compressi Interfoam solver to remove the temperature effect).

[precice-config.xml|attachment](upload://bVvWdwmrgYFEC2Fog (19.0 KB)
VZNUIXeWb7.xml) (2.4 KB)

This is the geometric image after setFleids

I have solved the problem. The reason is that the solver does not support dynamic grid solving.

But I have a new problem, and I’d like to ask you about it if you can. I modified the perpendicular-flap case to cancel the incoming flow and add a bubble near the elastic plate, hoping that bubble collapse would cause displacement and deformation of the plate. But the solid solution diverges at coupling. There is no displacement of the plate and only a small deformation in the result.

I wonder if anyone understand why the solid solver diverges? Thank you very much!

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