OpenFoam adapter with volumetric coupling


I was trying to work with the OpenFOAM adapter for volumetric coupling (from, GitHub - JaegerSt/openfoam-adapter at dev_volume_coupling_AIT). It seems I have almost got the adapter to build but still have some undefined symbols problems related to yaml-cpp.

I updated the paths to my yaml-cpp build yet the errors persist. Please let me know where I am going wrong. Attached are the relevant files from the openfoam-adapter.

Allwmake.log (8.0 KB)
ldd.log (10.7 KB) wmake.log (35.1 KB)
Allwmake.txt (5.8 KB)
Make_options.txt (1004 Bytes)


Hi @ArpanS,

first of all, mostly for the future reader: this is a third-party fork, which is based on a very outdated state of the adapter. It will only work with preCICE v1.x and it is based on the old, YAML-based configuration file format. With this disclaimer, let’s see what we can do here! :smiley:

I remember that yaml-cpp, Boost, and the compiler version were often conflicting. I never understood the concrete reason, but it was related to a change of the std::string ABI in C++11, which not all compilers supported properly back then. This was one of the reasons we decided to move to an OpenFOAM dictionary and drop the yaml-cpp dependency. You already use -std=c++11, so I have no clue.

Here is the a snapshot of the OpenFOAM adapter documentation around that time, in case you had not yet found this. You could try an older yaml-cpp version, an older Boost version, or both. But this should not be the solution.

We are continuing the discussion in Extending OpenFOAM adapter for volumetric coupling - #10 by Alphaoo1

Closing this topic to keep a better overview.

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