Error when compile OpenFOAM-adapter with OpenFOAM 4.1

I have a problem when building the adapter with OF 4.1. I would like using volume coupling for channel flow for testing. But I have a problem when compiling the adapter.
My openfoam version is 4.1, and I clone the volume-coupling branch from
First I have error when compiling, It might be the version of my OF so I went to OpenFOAM4 branch
and I made some changes for OpenFOAM4 based on this. However, I had an error which shown in wmake.log. Could you please help me with this problem?
wmake.log (17.6 KB)

In addition, I tried to compile only the openfoam4 branch, but have the same error with wmake.log.

I cannot test OpenFOAM 4 anymore (we only test starting from OpenFOAM 5), so it can be indeed that the OpenFOAM4 branch does not compile. Try using an older version of the adapter, instead (e.g., v1.1.0 or v1.0.0 should work).

If you are absolutely bound to OpenFOAM 4, I could try to trace back the changes that broke the code, but I would strongly recommend that you upgrade, if possible.

The volume-coupling branch is a feature development branch and only works with recent ESI versions. You are not expected to be able to use it at the moment. I don’t know if we will port the feature to all other OpenFOAM versions.

Hi Makis,

Thanks a lot. I could change my OF version. Before that, may I ask some questiosn about the voulme coupling? I found some implement of volume coupling using preCICE but not sure how far it was. I am trying to coupling domains rather than the face. If I change my OF version, could I use the volume coupling?

It is currently under development (wrapping up the respective student project) and will for sure be available for v2212, potentially also for other versions. Expected in the next few weeks. I describe more or less the state here: Missing support for volume coupling · Issue #229 · precice/openfoam-adapter · GitHub

What is your use case? What fields do you need to couple?

I need to couple the wall region between two solvers. Like channel flow etc. The red region is the domain that needs to be coupled.