OpenFOAM adapter configuration for two-phase CHT simulation

Dear PreCICE team and users,
I am trying to use the standard OpenFOAM adapter to couple the compressibleInterFoam Solver with the laplacianFoam Solver for CHT simulation in OFv1912. The coupling works for some time steps and then I get a negative temperature problem. Is it possible to build this coupling with the standard adapter?If yes, has anyone an idea what the problem may be?
I enclosed the log files and precice-config.xml.
Thanks a lot and best regards
Fluid.log (27.2
KB) precice-config.xml (2.2 KB) Solid.log (15.1 KB)

Welcome, @Ahmed_Zoweil!

In principle yes, it should be rather easy to couple such a multiphase solver with the adapter. Looking at Fluid.log, this solver uses T, T.air, and T.water as temperature variables. By default it is trying to set T, but I guess this is only a derived field based on T.air and T.water. Probably you want that the adapter sets one of these two on the boundary.

You can set in your system/preciceDict which temperature field to couple like this:

   nameT T.water;

Hello MakisH,
Thank you a lot for your reply. The simulation is now running however something is still not working properly. I am trying to simulate a plate that is heated from the top side and cooled with a water jet from the bottom side. The temperature of interface on the solid side (the bottom side of the plate) is updated at the start of the simulation with the temperatue of the interface from the fluid side. However, there is no change in the temperature of the fluid during the simulation. This is an indication that the heat flux is not transfered from the Solid side to the fluid side. I have tried to solve the problem unfortunately without success. Do you have any suggestions?

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This could be a different issue, but let’s keep the discussion here and I will move it to a different topic, if needed.

Could you please upload your OpenFOAM adapter configuration files and the updated Fluid.log and Solid.log? I can imagine that something is not complete in the “flow” of information from the one solver to the other.

I uploaded the files. I changed the name of the preciceDict of the fluid solver to preciceDict_fluid.inp and on of the solid solver to preciceDict_solid.inp to be able to upload them as wellFluid.log (2.4 MB) Solid.log (1.2 MB) precice-config.xml (2.2 KB) preciceDict_fluid.inp (445 Bytes) preciceDict_solid.inp (484 Bytes)

The configuration looks correct: The Fluid writes temperature (specifically T.water) and the Solid writes heat flux.

I am not sure what to look at next, but I would probably look at the results of each solver around the interface. Is coupling the T.water enough? Maybe we also need to add T.air.

I repeat that multiphase CHT simulations with the OpenFOAM adapter is something that not many people have looked at yet, so it may not be as straight-forward as I think.