Meet preCICE: 2nd community hour (videoconference): July 20, 2020

:telephone_receiver: Meet preCICE: 2nd community hour on July 20, 2020 :woman_technologist: :earth_africa: :man_technologist:

Three months ago we had our 1st community hour, a videoconference where the community got some insight into what we are currently working on. We are now offering this opportunity again, this time with the focus on what are you currently working on, as well as a brief introduction to changes introduced in preCICE v2.1.0, expected at the same time.

Meet us on Zoom (id: 977 2474 6169, password: preCICE) at 15:00 (GMT+2, Europe/Berlin) - hopefully, this time, a time good also for Americas and a large part of Asia.


  • What are you using preCICE for? (~40min)
    We would be very happy if you told us a few words (also with some figure/slide) on what you are working on and how you like it so far. This is, of course, optional, but it would be very helpful and an opportunity for you to connect with other researchers.
  • New in preCICE v2.1.0 (~20min)
    (expected in the same day/week).

Reminder for today. Only 3h left! :smiley: