Heat-Exchange Tutorial in PreCICE

Hi, I’m having a problem running the heat-Exchange tutorial. The boundary condition given in the official tutorial is Robin-Robin because it is more stable. However, I wanted to try the fluid-Neumann and solid-Dirichlet boundaries. When I’m done setting it up, I run buoyantSimpleFoam in OpenFoam and this error happens.

Since less data is exchanged, I only define Temperature and Heat-Flux to be exchanged. But the precice-config.xml error left me confused, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the definition. data: scalar means where have problems with the definition of the data being exchanged? Thank you!

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When you want to define which data a mesh is using you should use the

<use-data name="{string}"/>

tag. Currently you are using

<data:scalar name="{string}"/>

which should not be used within the <mesh> tags. You can find more information about this in the XML reference about defining data on meshes.

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Thank you for your advice! It was my carelessness that led to the problem.

No worries. I am glad it was so easy to fix. :slight_smile:

Hello, the above problem has been solved. But here comes a new problem. I have checked several times, but I still don’t know the source of the problem. Can you help me see what’s wrong with it?
For the heat-exchangr tutorials, I want to exchange Temperature and heat-flux on the two interfaces (Inner-interface and Outer-interface). The solid domain transmits heat-flux to the inner and outer fluid domains, and the inner and outer fluid domains transmit Temperature to the solid domain.
The problem is shown below. And config.yml and precice-config.xml files are also shown.

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@tianhk please open a new topic for the new problem so that we have a clear segregation of the discussion.

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