Heat-exchanger in PreCICE

Hi everyone, I recently had a problem using the heat-exchanger example in PreCICE. Why are temperature and heat-transfer-coefficient exchanged in this example? I think it should exchange temperature and heat-flux. That is, fluid gives Temperature to solid and solid gives heat-flux to fluid. If the coefficient of heat transfer-coefficient is exchanged, why do we give a fixed value in Calculix? I think the coefficient of heat transfer-coefficient is calculated by the formula, so I am confused here. Can someone please help me to explain? Thank you very much!


I would guess it depends on the kind of coupling conditions being used. If you check out the test case’s documentation it links to the master’s thesis of Lucia Cheung Yau. The master’s thesis discusses different coupling conditions, see e.g., chapter 2.4 and 4.1 in the thesis. I the use of Robin-type coupling conditions is the reason for the heat transfer coefficient and temperature to be exchanged. Maybe someone from the preCICE team can comment on that and verify my guess.


Exactly! In the flow-over-heated-plate tutorial, we are using a Dirichlet-Neumann coupling. In this case, we are using a Robin-Robin coupling. In her thesis, Lucia found the Robin-Robin coupling to be a better/more stable option for this case. For us, this tutorial remains an important test case for this type of coupling.

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Thank you for your reply. I have read the relevant chapters of this literature and found the answers I needed.


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