Heat-exchange in PreCICE

Hi, I recently encountered a problem running the PreCICE calculation case. When I used the template example heat-exchanger, I changed the geometry slightly and added the turbulence model. After the first change, I noticed that the temperature at the interface was discontinuous. So I encrypted the fluid domain grid. However, when I run it again, I get this inner-fluid error, and outer-fluid can set up communication normally. Can someone tell me why? Thank you.

Hi @tianhk,

from what I see in the top of your last screenshot, OpenFOAM seems to not be able to find the adapter. Maybe you changed something in the way you execute the simulation? Maybe you changed your OpenFOAM version but did not install the OpenFOAM adapter again for that version?

By the way, how have you configured your terminal to highlight some words? This looks very convenient!

Thank you for your reply. I have solved the problem. I think the reason for this problem is that the case file don’t have enough file read permissions, so I put admin permissions on the case file, and it works .

As for highlighting some words, this is because I’m using the Win10 subsystem (WSL) , because I feel that virtual machines limit computing performance. And when I installed the Win10 subsystem, it could only display some command lines and could not display any graphical interface. So I used the MobaXterm software in Win10 to display graphical interfaces (residuals, etc.). This is the effect of opening WSL with MobaXterm.

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