FSI with CalculiX using a "STATIC" step

Hello everyone,

I want to do a steady-state FSI simulation using OpenFOAM and CalculiX. Currently the CalculiX adapter only allows a “DYNAMIC” step for FSI. Whereas for doing a steady-state FSI, I need to use a “STATIC” step in CalculiX.

So, what changes need to be made to implement this new feature where the CalculiX adapter allows a “STATIC” step as well ?

@mattfrei ,As you have some ideas on this, can you please share them here ?

Hi @Rahul_dev_meher

we can try to figure out a solution for using the “STATIC” step and working with the CalculiX-Adapter. What happens if you use the keyword now in your FSI case setup? If you already have a case setup and have tried this, then please open an issue in the adapter repository. Once you provide more information in the issue, a discussion would be much easier.

Thanks @IshaanDesai

If I use the keyword “STATIC” in CalculiX input file, the following error is shown in Solid.log - " ERROR: Only thermal coupling or FSI is available with preCICE "

I will open an issue in the adapter repository.

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Further discussion here: Redesigning of CalculiX adapter which allows ''STATIC" step for FSI simulation · Issue #63 · precice/calculix-adapter · GitHub

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