Steady-State FSI using Openfoam and CalculiX

Hello everyone,

How to do a steady-state FSI using Openfoam and Calculix via preCICE given that the keyword “DYNAMIC” must appear in the CalculiX input file ?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Rahul_dev_meher

This tutorials does a steady-state CHT (using the preCICE timestepping as pseudo timesteps). Maybe this helps? I am no real CalculiX expert, but there is no “DYNAMIC” key word there.

Hi @uekerman

Steady state is allowed for CHT only and not for FSI. In the precice documentation of Calculix, it is written that - “In any case, for FSI simulations via preCICE the keyword “DYNAMIC” (enabling a dynamic computation) must appear in the CalculiX input file.”

I was wondering if you guys are developing the precice adapter for CalculiX where “STATIC” simulation for solid is also acceptable ?

OK, then I guess it’s not supported yet :see_no_evil:

Not that I am aware of, but we are very open for contributions to the CalculiX adapter. Actually, we want to slowly hand the CalculiX adapter over to the community.

Maybe, @mattfrei thought about this feature already?

Please also open an issue in the CalculiX adapter if you are interested in this (or even more important, if you are working on this).
I guess it should be tooo complicated to add.

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I did not think about this feature until now, but I have a good understanding of the CalculiX Adapter in general and I think I know what changes would have to be done in there to implement the new feature. I’m willing to help if someone wants to implement this feature but right now I don’t have the time to implement it myself right now.
Best regards, Matthias


Thank you @uekerman . I will open an issue in the CalculiX adapter.

Hello @mattfrei ,

Thank you for your response. I want to implement this feature now. Please guide me on implementing this.

@Rahul_dev_meher : A good first step is probably to use the issue to discuss ideas on how to realize this. As soon as you have an implementation sketch you could open a draft pull request to already discuss implication and test things.

As Benjamin supposed, its probably best to discuss the ideas in an Issue in the CalculiX Adapter repository.

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I have added this issue in the adapter repository.


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