FSI for earthquake induced tank sloshing using Calculix and OpenFOAM

Hello everyone,

I am very new to preCICE and would like to model tank sloshing due to an earthquake using Calculix and OpenFoam. The Calculix model uses S3 shells for the tank and has two loading steps:

  1. Step 1: Gravity
  2. Step 2: Application of response spectrum displacement at the base of the tank.
    The OpenFOAM model uses the interFoam solver to capture water or oil filling the tank to a specific level and air in the remaining volume. I have had a go using the precice-config.xml files from both the perpendicular flap and 3D elastic tube tutorials but have not been able to move past the first Calculix loading step. Has anyone attempted solving a similar problem?
    Ideally, I want to communicate the prescribed displacements on the tank base back to OpenFOAM. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi @JWilliams ,

Why? What happens after the first loading step? Could you explain this more in detail?

This sounds like one of the standard use cases of our OpenFOAM adapter.

Hello @DavidSCN,

Many thanks for your response. I had another go at it and got things up and running. I adapted the interFoam solver to use time-varying gravity based on the seismic response spectrum to capture the sloshing and then communicate that force/displacment to the Calculix tank model.


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