CompressibleInterFoam does not find pointDisplacement

I have just started using precice for fluid-structure coupling calculation related to flexible plates. I have modified the perpendicular flap case, but this is reported wrong.

Please help me to see why, how to modify? Thank you very much!

Hello @zyx,

A few things to look at:

  • Check the time-window-size in precice-config.xml and OpenFOAM Fluid/system/controlDict time step deltaT
  • Check if your Fluid/constant/dynamicMeshDict is set up properly

Might not be the case but asking based on the output, is your deltaT = 0?

Thank u very much!
I have solved the problem. The reason is that the solver does not support dynamic grid solving.

But I have a new problem, and I’d like to ask you about it if you can. I modified the perpendicular-flap case to cancel the incoming flow and add a bubble near the elastic plate, hoping that bubble collapse would cause displacement and deformation of the plate. But the solid solution diverges at coupling. There is no displacement of the plate and only a small deformation in the result.

I wonder if you understand why the solid solution diverges?

Thank you very much!


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