Fluid-Structure-Thermal Interaction (FTSI) using SU2-Calculix

I plan to simulate an FTSI case where I use SU2 as the fluid solver and Calculix as the thermal-structural solver. To do this I need to write temperature and heatflux from SU2 to Calculix.

I wanted to ask if the SU2 adapter can write these data or not. And if not, can someone guide me towards what I would need to do the make the adapter be able to do this?

Hi @Sangeet_Sunderroy,

the SU2 adapter does not support any thermal fields at the moment and we don’t have anybody with SU2 experience in our current team to help with the SU2 side of things. The question then would be if you could see yourself writing code for SU2 at the moment.

However, we could hep you here with the preCICE side of things and we would be very happy to see contributions to the SU2 adapter repository in the future, if things work out! :smiley:

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