OpenFOAM adapter: branch for version 8 and solution frequency

I have a couple of unrelated questions about the OpenFOAM adapter:

  1. I am trying to compile it for version 8 but I get the error messages listed here: Adapt KappaEffective to new transport/thermophysical model structure by MakisH · Pull Request #130 · precice/openfoam-adapter · GitHub
wmakeLnIncludeAll: running wmakeLnInclude on dependent libraries: 
wmakeLnInclude error: base directory /opt/openfoam8/src/transportModels/incompressible/ does  not exist

(and so on)

I am using the OpenFOAMdev branch. Is it the correct one? Is the adapter working for that version?

  1. I have noticed that if, for example, I have a time step \Delta t = 0.001 and a writeInterval of 0.01, in OF I have solution directories also for 0.009, 0.019… but only with (I think) mesh movement information, no fluid information is saved there. I believe that this happens only when precice is activated. Is this required by precice or did I make some mistake in the configuration?

Thank you

Hi Claudio,

  1. The only branch works for OpenFOAM 8 is currently the fix-129 (to be merged to OpenFOAMdev once we verify it, but we have different priorities now). I have not tried the latest development branch for a while, as we need to ensure support with OpenFOAM 8 first. If you don’t need any .org-specific features, it would be easiest for now if you switched to the latest, as the .org breaks too often to follow it with the same code.

    If you manage to solve this problem, a PR on GitHub is very welcome!

  2. This is a known issue that we cannot fix. I thought it was only on the .com, did you also get this in OpenFOAM 8? Just delete these dummy directories. Wrong write time for functionObjectProperties in · Issue #26 · precice/openfoam-adapter · GitHub

Thank you @Makis,
as to point 1: I am using the .com branch, but sometimes I have some cases working with with the .org version and I was lazy to convert. I’ll try fix-129.
as to point 2: I didn’t manage to find the explanation on github, sorry. Indeed it affects only the .com and I usually delete the dummy folder.
Thank you

We also have a script to remove these dummy directories.

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