CalculiX-Adapter: double free or corruption Error (in v2.19 Seg-Fault)

Hello all,
I always had problems to get a clean exit of simulations with the CalculiX-Adapter, what is especially a problem, if one wants to write a restart file for another following simulation. The symptoms where different , in v2.16 it was a ‘double free or corruption’ error whereas in v2.19 there was a segmentation fault occuring when the adapter tried to free the memory.
In my case it helped a lot (error disappeared) to change a malloc in the Setup (l.45, PreciceInterface.c) to a calloc, because some variables seemed to be uninitialised elsewise.
I wonder if this problem is somehow case-specific in my simulations or if other users experience the same. (@KyleDavisSA , @boris-martin)
If I’m not the only one with such a problem, this would probably be a good github issue/ pull request…
Best regards

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for pointing this out. I think it occured to me but I never really paid attention; I’ll investigate as soon as I can.

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