Coupling for Finite Differences, Incompressible Code, and Finite-Volume, Compressible Code

Hi preCICE Team,

For my project, I need to couple a finite differences, incompressible code with a finite-volume, compressible code. I noticed that preCICE is mostly used for FSI applications. Is it possible to use it for a two-way coupling of fluid-fluid (finite differences, incompressible code, and finite-volume, compressible code)?

Thank you in advance for your help. :smiling_face:

Technically, this is possible. But mathematically, it makes limited sense to couple an incompressible with a compressible fluid solver. If you have such an application, you would still need to somehow convert from the compressible description to the incompressible (e.g., pressure dimensions). This conversion is something you could do in one of your codes, before writing / after reading.

Thank you for the clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:
Currently, we are developing a script to compute density for our compressible code based on the incompressible one. Setting that aside, could you please confirm if perCICE can couple a finite volume solver with a finite difference code? Thank you.

Yes, that’s possible. preCICE has no notion of your internal discretizations.

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