Help:coupling my own fluid fortran code with solid calculix code by precice

can i coupling my own fluid fortran code with solid calculix code by precice? what can i do is fluid-adapter or other? please help me, thank u all!

Welcome, @Bai0616!

Yes, you can probably couple your own Fortran flow code with preCICE. Here is an overview of the steps you need to couple your code: Couple your code | preCICE - The Coupling Library

Specifically for Fortran, we have two interfaces:

For CalculiX, you can use the CalculiX adapter. See, for example, the perpendicular flap tutorial.

I am not sure I understand this part of your question, but maybe I have already answered it above.

i am happy because of your answer ,thank u very much, i will try according to you advances. when i have new problem, please help me more,thank u again!

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hi makis:
i want to understand how to build the adapter of my fortran code with precice. i am not sure i uderstand the “Couple your code”, for example, i modify my fortran code withe precice module, and the next step what can i do ?

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