Overset grid coupling of codes

I’m currently investigating the best way to couple two CFD flow codes. The requirement is that one code solves outer domain of the simulation, and the other code the inner domain with a different kind of solver. Each solver has their own process(es) and grid, and the coupling is intended to be realized with overset grid approach, with minimally invasive code changes.

Today I came across the preCICE framework and it looks very promising, except that - as far as I can see - the coupling is only surface/interface based? Is the overset coupling also possible, or would it be possible to realise this with some changes to the framework, or in the adapter code?

thanks for your insight :slight_smile:

@menno it sounds like the preCICE library is indeed something for you.

That’s exactly what preCICE expects.

preCICE is primarily designed with surface coupling in mind, but some users have also successfully used preCICE for volume coupling. Read more in Can preCICE be used for volume coupling?.

I am not sure what or how exactly you would like to couple inside the domain (for overset grids), but maybe it also helps to read FSI simulations with overset grid in OpenFOAM (FSI where the interface is part of an overset grid).

Does this answer your question? Feel free to add a figure decsribing your problem, to discuss more details.

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Thanks for your answer - it is very helpful. Good to know that some users also have succeeded in volume coupling, I’ll check the details of their posts and papers.