Change threads for solid dealii

I was trying to simulate turek fsi3 case, I saw that we can run openfoam in parallel. The dealii by default uses 32mpi.
But is there any way that I can change the threads for solid-dealii ?

Yes, you can use the environment variable DEAL_II_NUM_THREADS, which is also documented in the adapter documentation: Configure the deal.II codes | preCICE - The Coupling Library (or on the deal.II webpage).

As I ran the turek-fsi to study the simulation time for my system by changing to 0.02s from 15s.
For solid-8 threads and for fluid 4-threads
The execution time was 38.7s and the clock time was 147s.
Is this okay? Because the estimated runtime calculated for 15s is nearly 30hrs for same config based on the above assumption.

Sounds ok. Yes the execution time is rather long since the time-step size is very small. IIRC we ran the tutorial on a cluster node with ~25 ranks for the fluid and some ranks for the solid and the coarsest mesh took already more than 10 hrs.

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