How can I restart a coupled OpenFOAM-deal.II simulation from last iteration

Hello all,

I was simulating the turek fsi3 and I tried to change some of the boundary conditions for my simulation. Well the limit cycle didn’t reach for the end time 7.5 seconds. I wanted to restart the calculation from the last timestep. Is there any way to do this since I was able to restart the openfoam but it’s now working with dealii.
I came across the Post made by @Makis on restarting the coupled iterations. Is there any alternative for this problem??

Hi @daniel

the short answer: with our provided deal.II codes, you can’t do this (though I’m not sure which post you are referencing here). In general, preCICE can do this (although the acceleration matrices will not be the same). I never felt like there is urgent need to support a restart with our deal.II codes. deal.II itself has of course the capability to save and restart a simulation. If you really need this feature you will need to add a few lines of code for reading and writing the simulation, I could also offer some help when you want to implement something.

If your simulation takes too long to finish, you consider coarsening your triangulations or employing more CPU compute power for the simulations so that the overall run time lowers down.

The post from our FAQ mentioned above: How can I restart a coupled simulation?