A question about official examples of Openfoam and Dealii calculations

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  • I am using openfoamv2112, dealii9.5.1, and preCICE2.5. When I have installed all of them to calculate the fsi3 example, I will interrupt directly. I have reviewed relevant posts about this issue before, and I estimate that there is a problem with the direct solver in dealii. I don’t know how to solve it, but my detailed content can be found in the picture.

  • The output content of the dealii terminal is as follows

    ---[precice]  initializeData is skipped since no data has to be initialized.
    ---[precice]  Implicitly finalizing in destructor
    ---[precice]  Synchronize participants and close communication channels
  • I don’t know how to solve this problem. Please provide detailed assistance

Thank you for your help!!!

Hi @cj1823149636,

  • Is there preCICE output in the OpenFOAM log? It may be that OpenFOAM cannot load the adapter and continues without it.
  • Try removing the precice-run/ directory before running again. The clean-tutorial.sh script also does this. If something went wrong previously during initialization, you may end up with such connection issues.


Did you try the steps discussed in STUCK at ---[precice] Synchronize participants and close communication channels - #6 by zjk2549514878

What happens if you set a CG solver in the parameters.prm file on the deal.II side

--- a/turek-hron-fsi3/solid-dealii/parameters.prm
+++ b/turek-hron-fsi3/solid-dealii/parameters.prm
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ subsection Solver
   set Model                     = neo-Hookean
   # Linear solver: CG or Direct
-  set Solver type               = Direct
+  set Solver type               = CG