Can I use preCICE to simulate a droplet impacting on an elastic substrate?

Hello, everyone, I hope you are having a good day.
I am new to preCICE and openFOAM, a weeks ago, I tried to use ANSYS’s Workbench platform to complete my simulation, but unfortunately it failed. My friends suggested that I might switch to open source software like openFOAM.
My case is shown in the figure below, where a droplet collides with the rubber plate below at a certain initial velocity and subsequently rebounds. Through this simulation, I want to obtain the morphological changes and internal pressure distribution of droplets during the impact process, as well as the deformation of the rubber plate. This simulation involves multiphase flow, dynamic mesh and FSI.

I wonder whether I can use InterFOAM, CalculiX, and preCICE to achieve my goals?
Last, I sincerely look forward to your reply, any assistance would be gladly appreciated.

In my view, at the moment, this is partially possible.

Dynamic meshes (I assume you will need adaptive mesh refinement) are under development, potentially coming in preCICE v3 later this year: Dynamic Meshes · GitHub (cc @fsimonis)

Multiphase FSI with interFoam and CalculiX and static meshes is already possible. A tutorial for that is under review (on my list at the moment):

If this is a project without time pressure (e.g., you are now starting your PhD), you could already start by setting up a static mesh and gradually add features later.

If you want a simple and documented solution right now, this is not available.

Note that both FSI and multiphase are challenging problems by themselves, so coupling them could have unexpected challenges as well.

Good evening Makis. I understand what you were saying. Thank you for your answer

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