Using preCICE with Helyx OS or SimWorks. How to do it?

Please help me.I am a new user of OpenFoam and since it’s very tough to learn comparatively(say 5 months time) I wanted to use it through GUI for a complicated FSI simulation(blood flow phenomenon related) but since Helyx OS or SimWorks don’t have that capability please tell me how to couple either of these with say Calculix.Help me please.I need this to carry out and also if possible publish my thesis.

Welcome, @Ahmad_Shayor!

I have never used Helyx OS or SimWorks and I have no idea if they would work with the adapter. You can quickly try following the same documentation as for OpenFOAM. However, since this would be highly experimental, I would advise you to try to learn OpenFOAM (e.g. v2006) with maybe a first help from these GUI-based alternatives.

In any case, if you use the latest version of a “mainline” OpenFOAM, you will have better chances in getting help from the OpenFOAM and/or the preCICE community.

In any case, you can document here your first experiments with Helyx OS / SimWorks and preCICE.

Does this help? I would be very happy to hear which path you ended up following. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this quick reply.I will try and let you know.

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Dear Ahmad, we have a GUI for OpenFOAM/CalculiX/preCICE ( If you are interested please contact me.
Best regards

Is a free version for students to do research available?Thank you for your mail.

We can provide trial licenses for 3 months without problems for Universities or commercial users. Beyond this, we don’t have a general free student version (it is based on a commercial meshing technology we license ourselves where we have to pay (reduced) license fees also for non-profit educational usage). But we would like to support the usage of preCICE/OpenFOAM/CalculiX for Universities, therefore we can provide some free licenses for more than 3 months for those users who support the preCICE development (forum discussions, share experience and/or cases etc.). But you will need a CAD modeller (with ACIS, Parasolid or Creo export).

Thank you .Actually I can talk to my Head of Mechanical Engineering Department and my thesis supervisor and manage a communication if possible.Then could I have an extension for say 6-7 months ?As for the CAD modeler since I am switching to open source resources for now for both a different research work(not using commercial software) and no budget or allowance for a commercial one I can only use FreeCAD or such softwares.These have-IGES,STEP,BRep,OBJ,DXF,SVG,U3D.So will it do?

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