Troubleshooting: preCICE from Spack and Boost-related errors

By default, Spack will use the latest version of Boost. As Boost changes frequently, it is possible to get an error either because of a change that we have not yet incorporated, or because your compiler is too old. In that case, please open an issue.

Typical example (GCC 5.4.0, Boost 1.70.0, preCICE 1.5.0):

error: 'stream_socket_service' in namespace 'boost::asio' does not name a template type

In most cases, you should be able to resolve this by downgrading your Boost version, e.g.:

spack install precice ^boost@1.68.0

You may see similar behavior with:

  • preCICE v2.1.1 and Boost 1.75 --> downgrade to Boost 1.74 or wait for preCICE v2.2.0 (or upgrade to precice@develop)

(this topic was only meant to archive troubleshooting information from the old preCICE wiki)

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