The coupling calculation diverged at first time step, which is based on overInterDyMFoam and Calculix

In order to insert the overset into my simulation, I’m using preCICE to couple overInterDymFoam and Calculix. Now, the connection between overInterDyMFoam and Calculix has been bulit successfully. But the case diverged at first time step. Then I check the .frd file of Calculix and find that displacement is infinite and force is very large at first time step. I think that the problem may occur on the data mapping. But I’m not familiar with the data mapping. Could you help me and provide the idea to fix it? The case is presented here

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Your mapping looks correct to me:

In the debug_OpenFOAM.log, I read Receive using sockets failed with system error: read: End of file. This usually means that the other participant crashed.

In the debug_Solid.log, however, I don’t see any error. Where is the output of CalculiX itself?

If you compare your case to the perpendicular flap tutorial, what is different?

Sorry for late to reply. These are ouput and force of Calculix.

I modify the dambreak case of this link tutorials/FSI/flap_perp/OpenFOAM-CalculiX_interFoam at master · Alphaoo1/tutorials ( This case can run well.

I don’t have any good ideas right now, maybe someone else could help here.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to getting other’s help.