SU2 failing finalization


I’m doing a coupling between SU2 and mbdyn. I’m developing the flap-perp test case, in order to compare the results with the literature.
Everything seems going fine, but at the end of the simulation SU2 displays this error:

Process #0/0: Finalizing preCICE…
(0) 11:30:56 [cplscheme::BaseCouplingScheme]:459 in checkCompletenessRequiredActions: ERROR: The required actions write-iteration-checkpoint are not fulfilled. Did you forget to call “markActionFulfilled”?

Do you have an idea on how to solve it?

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Hi @alicezanella ,

this is a known issue within the SU2 adapter. It can probably be solved by rearranging the time-loop steering or something similar. If you think it is worth a fix, please open up a PR.

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Hi @alicezanella if you checked my repository there should be a test case coupling MBDyn and SU2 (with the old SU2 adapter). Which MBDyn adapter are you using? which SU2 adapter?

Hi @Claudio,
I’m using the adapter provided by precice for SU2 (version 6.0.0) and I’m using a MBDyn adapter developed by my university and slightly modified by me.
I’m also trying your adapter, but I’m a bit stuck on how to run the cases.

Hi @alicezanella ,
It’s not that obvious to set up a case. I can help you do it if you want. As to the error message form the SU2 adapter, as pointed out by @DavidSCN, it is a known issue but it should not affect your simulation.

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I guess you mean an issue, right? We should try to document this somehow. Of course, a PR would be even better :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but let’s start with an issue.

I am not sure which issue you are referring at. It would be great if you could go through the (not so long) list of issues in the SU2 adapter repository, see if something fits, and refer to it here. If not, please open an issue, it would be very helpful.

And, as @uekerman wrote, if you manage to fix it, a contribution (pull request) would be very helpful. No need to be perfect, we can review & improve it together, but we need to know the problem and have a direction. :wink:

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I went already through the list. The problem is that we have various issues when SU2 finalizes (there are two currently open in the list) and it depends a bit on the build mode you use when compiling SU2, probably also some randomness when running the case in which one you end up (the one described here or the memory corruption. So, you might run in one of the other memory issues as well, which makes it hard to debug it. If you really want a third issue describing the case here, let me know.

But is it a different case? If yes, let’s have a separate issue. I understood that it is not related to the memory management issues.

@Makis I opened brief issue: Finalization of preCICE fails when coupled simulation finalizes · Issue #24 · precice/su2-adapter · GitHub. I think it is a different issue than the memory corruption.


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