Required dependencies for preCICE 2.2.0 version


We are trying to build preCICE 2.2.0 from source on a HPC cluster (RHEL 7.9). I was wondering, does anyone know if there is a table like the one below for preCICE 2.2.0 or for any older version in general? Thanks in advance.


Hi @Satish_Chimakurthi,

we don’t maintain such tables for older versions. However, we offer snapshots of everything via the preCICE Distribution. The first version (v2104.0) was based on preCICE 2.2.0. This will point you to the commit of the documentation to look at: at 928fd8d2b701a3d6252af9407655005652daa066 · precice/ · GitHub

Alternatively, you can also look at PDF export of the documentation that we archive on DaRUS: preCICE Distribution Version v2104.0 - Usability and Sustainability of Simulation Software

Finally, if you are installing on a cluster, Spack already knows the right versions.

By the way, version 2.5.0 should be directly compatible with 2.2.0, so an upgrade should be easy.

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