Rebranding preCICE: What do you think? (1st of April hoax)

No, don’t panic! This was just an April Fools’ Day joke. :sweat_smile:

After our 1st preCICE Workshop we are working full-speed on improving aspects of preCICE that we did not want to touch before getting enough feedback from the community. With the workshop done, we are now confident that we can move to the right direction.

In the “marketing” World-Café table it was made clear that preCICE needs a fresh look. Therefore, we decided to change the style of the logo to something bolder:


We plan to replace the logo with the new version everywhere, a process which may take a few weeks to complete, as we are everyday discovering new communication channels and other tools that we are using or it would be nice to expand to.

Furthermore, restructuring our website and documentation is a clear next step. However, keep in mind that preCICE is an open-source project, meaning that the time we can invest on it is very limited. To expand our industrial outreach, we are also converting our documentation to German. To save maintenance time, we will drop the English version soon after. We have also decided to eventually move all the documentation into Doxygen (with additional HTML elements), to reduce the maintenance effort.

What do you think?

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whaaat?!? This makes it really hard for Non-german speakers :roll_eyes:

Maybe this is good motivation to learn German? :slight_smile:

I have two points:

  • What was the motivation for changing the orange-blue color logo to the red-yellow color?
  • Wouldn’t not having any maintained English documentation reduce the outreach to the global open-source software community? Mainly in Asia, the US and the UK.

Well, well… You are all perfectly right that switching to German-first would be a rather “step back” for us. The logo also does not change to contain the colors of the German flag. Fortunately, this was only a 1st of April hoax. :grin:

Some things are true, however:

  1. We are indeed looking at restructuring our documentation, to make all the resources easily accessible and to represent different use cases, rather than different technical implementations.
  2. We are also looking into greatly updating and expanding our website, Any ideas and suggestions (especially regarding “how to get it implemented”) would be welcome.

Have a nice (as much as possible) spring everybody! Thank you for shouting out when we are doing something wrong. :hugs: