Preprint: preCICE v2: A Sustainable and User-Friendly Coupling Library

Dear preCICE community,

after five years of software development since our 2016 first preCICE reference paper (with already 150 citations on Google scholar :heart:), we are extremely happy to announce that we finally put down our pens, stopped typing, and we have a preprint of our new reference paper on arXiv:

preCICE v2: A Sustainable and User-Friendly Coupling Library.

In the 47 pages of this paper, find:

  • An extensive introduction and references to related projects.
  • An overview of important updates in the core library, including coupling schemes and acceleration, data mapping, communication, software distribution, and API.
  • An overview of the currently available official adapters for OpenFOAM, SU2, CalculiX, code_aster, FEniCS, deal.II, Nutils, and more.
  • An overview of our tutorials, explaining the motivation, the design, and presenting results of different solver combinations.
  • An overview of the testing and continuous integration approaches of the complete stack, including the core library, language bindings, adapters, tutorials, and more.
  • An overview of the preCICE community.
  • A glimpse into the future.

Note that this is still a preprint and not a final, reviewed paper. Publishing this large effort properly will probably still take several months. But until then, we encourage you to read it, spread it, and let us know of anything we should definitely fix.

What are you doing this weekend? :coffee: :newspaper:

Stay tuned for more,
the preCICE team