Preferred Solid Mesh Software packages

I was working on a collapsible tube case and encountered several errors with the case (more info here: Collapsible Tube (OpenFOAM+CalculiX) - Official adapters and tutorials - preCICE Forum on Discourse)
In the end the case did run after I regenerated the solid mesh using prePoMax. This from what I remember, is the only thing that I changed in the case.
This really makes me wonder, are there some specific software packages recommended to generate the solid mesh or to even make a geometry? This would definitely help when working in the future. Even with prePoMax, a .step file led to successful mesh generation while a .stl file gave errors.
Also, whenever I made it with Salome, it had negative jacobians and when I used pointwise it diverged.

Would appreciate some clarity on this topic:)

Gmesh is another option.